Our Leadership Mentoring Programme

The Leadership Mentoring Programme puts you in the driving seat, hand-matching you to a mentor who can support your priorities and aspirations, working with your experiences, preferences and values. We offer mentees a programme founded on good-quality conversations.

Our mentors are all volunteers, experienced leaders and trained mentors. They take a person-centred approach to supporting you to navigate systems, evaluate options, and proactively work towards your ambitions.

Through our Welcome Workshops (facilitated by Dr Kay Guccione), we enable both mentors and mentees to understand what mentoring is, and how to make the most of a mentoring partnership. Having knowledge of what mentoring offers will help you to articulate the kind of support you are looking for.

All participants have the opportunity to develop a mentoring skillset. Evaluation data has demonstrated that mentoring skills also support mentees to become more confident leaders in their fields.

An additional benefit is that you will also extend your professional networks, meeting leaders in different sectors, who have had significant impact in their work, and on those they lead.

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Join our Leadership Mentoring Programme

Successful mentoring partnerships from our 2021 matching cycle are already in place.

If you’re a Fellow in our Network and would like to sign up as a mentee for the next cycle of our Mentoring Programme, join one of our Welcome Workshops in January 2022.

Our Mentoring Team will support you through every stage of the process.

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How does it work?

Following a short Welcome Workshop, mentors and mentees will be matched together. Once pairs are matched, mentoring proceeds as a series of confidential conversations.

The total time commitment for the six-month programme is six hours. This includes the Welcome Workshop (90 mins), the mentoring meetings (three hours on a one-to-one basis) and all associated paperwork.

Read our Mentoring FAQs or ask a question by emailing mentoring@flfdevnet.com

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