Coaching and Assessments

One-to-one coaching

Fully funded one-to-one leadership coaching sessions with a professional coach available to all Fellows.

Coaching works by “unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.” 


– WHITMORE (2017) –

360 Feedback Coaching

Discover the benefits of our bespoke 360 Feedback Coaching based on our Fellows Leadership Model and find out how to join our programme.

Team of six colleagues standing at wall in office
“Taking part in the 360 Feedback was an incredibly informative experience that not only helped me understand how my colleagues perceive me, but also how my self-perceptions shape my career choices, ambitions, and outcomes.
While getting an unvarnished take on how others see you may seem daunting, those perceptions exist (and will impact your career) whether you are aware of them or not – why not use the awareness offered by the 360 as tools to evolve into the person/researcher you aim to be? There is only wisdom and growth to gain!”


Psychometric assessments

Gain valuable insights that develop your leadership through psychometric assessment and feedback from a certified practitioner.

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