UKRI funded, Fellow led

The Future Leaders Fellows Development Network delivers leadership training and development opportunities to researchers and innovators across the UK.

The Network is available to Rounds 1, 2 and 3 of the UKRI Future Leaders Fellows, as well as 38 named researchers from the UKRI Councils.

Researchers and innovators benefit from access to world-class workshops, networking opportunities, community-building events, and access to experts via one-to-one interventions and events.

Designed in collaboration with Fellows, the Network aims to:


Fellows will be supported with insights, opportunities, and access to networks which enable them to operate flexibly across the research and innovation ecosystem. We support researchers and innovators in delivering solutions to global concerns, improving and redesigning the research environment, informing policy and engaging with the public.

Convene, collaborate

We actively support the development of a community of researchers and innovators, both formally through the Network, and by facilitating peer-to-peer engagement and support. Our cutting-edge Mentoring Programme brings Fellows together with a diverse mix of mentors, individuals and peers to promote practice-sharing and problem-solving groups. We broker opportunities, and seed new cross-sector, cross-discipline collaborations through the Plus Funds Scheme.

Develop, upskill

Fellows have access to a vibrant, responsive training and development programme, providing flexible opportunities to build the knowledge, skills, confidence, and mindsets needed to operate as effective leaders. Our bespoke 360 Feedback and Coaching Programme supports researchers and innovators in identifying needs, and we work with Fellows to ensure that they are prepared to meet their ambitions.

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