Research Project Management

This is project management tailored specifically to the research context.

Designed for PIs and containing content specifically for researchers and innovators, this Research Project Management course explores how to effectively apply project management principles to research projects based in universities and research organisations.

This online course and associated workshops are designed and delivered by MY Consultants for the Future Leaders Fellows Development Network.

Project Management course

This Research Project Management course from Robin Henderson of MY Consultants introduces essential skills for managing a research project and includes videos, resources and worksheets to help you apply your learning to either a project you are currently undertaking or a new project you are about to undertake.

The course follows a self-guided approach so you can work at your own pace as you explore its sections on:

  • project definition
  • project planning
  • project implementation
  • project close out.

Project Management Workshops

The Research Project Management course is complimented by online workshops facilitated by Robin Henderson.

These give you the opportunity to ask questions and help you apply the content and make progress.

Need more support?

Further support with research project management is available through the Future Leaders Fellows Development Network:

Copyright notice

The online Research Project Management course is made available to the Future Leaders Fellows Development Network under licence. All content (unless otherwise stated) is the intellectual property of Robin Henderson of MY Consultants.

These materials have been made available for use by Fellows only, please do not share them outside the Network. If you think this course would be of value to others in your research group, please contact Robin at MY Consultants.