Mentoring can offer you valuable learning opportunities at all stages of your career. A targeted mentoring conversation can help you clarify your thoughts, whether salient issues for you are resolving snags during your transition to a new role or responsibility, seeking your next career move, picking up a new skillset, or finding support for navigating processes or relationships at work.‚Äč

Based on the insights into the Fellows’ experience and development priorities we collected in 2021, we have designed a bespoke mentoring offer that offers maximum choice and flexibility.

In October 2021 we launched our flagship Leadership Mentoring Programme, successfully hand matching Fellows with a sector leader for six months of focused development time.

Fellows and Mentors – Join the next Leadership Mentoring Programme in January 2022.

In January 2022 we will launch strand two, Coffee Connect, your peer mentoring community. You will have the opportunity to meet with other Fellows on a one-to-one basis for peer-to-peer mentoring.

Mentoring conversations are not limited to a mentoring programme and can take place with a range of supporting players, and in a range of different ways.

So, in the first quarter of 2022, we will add even more opportunities for you to talk about the things that matter to you, launching both our Peer Perspectives and an online toolkit.

Peer Perspectives will offer quick-response opportunities for task and finish problem solving, centred on a two-meeting model with a small group of your peers. In addition, we will launch a self-service online package that supports you to find and recruit a mentor as and when you want.

Mentoring suite of options

Mentoring Welcome Workshops

Book your place on a Welcome Workshop to take part in our Leadership Mentoring Programme.

A range of dates are available in January 2022.

Mentoring Welcome Workshops

The Mentoring Team

Charlotte Bonner-Evans, Partnership Manager

Having worked in the private sector, further and higher education, Charlotte Bonner-Evans is an experienced manager and project manager, supporting others to develop and grow through mentoring, training and good management. Charlotte manages all aspects of the mentoring offer which is based on her research into the development priorities of the FLF+ community and experience of working in, and with, businesses, industries and HE research.

Get in touch with Charlotte at

Dr Kay Guccione, Mentoring Lead

Dr Kay Guccione (@kayguccione) is Head of Researcher Development at the University of Glasgow and an experienced mentoring consultant. She specialises in mentoring for academic leadership and research career development and is a Masters qualified accredited coach and mentor, and a National Teaching Fellow. Kay is the Network’s Mentoring Lead and has designed our multi-stream mentoring strategy.