Become a Leadership Mentor

Working with a variety of stimulating and experienced mentors is key to supporting our national network of Fellows to build the leadership repertoires they will need to succeed in their chosen careers.

Fellows in the Network represent a diverse community of researchers and innovators, working across business, academia, and industry. Their training framework introduces them to a wide range of networks and mentors across different sectors, and their unique career trajectories are influenced by the people and communities they meet.

Our Leadership Mentors are all volunteers, experienced leaders, and trained mentors. They take a person-centred approach to enabling Fellows to navigate their roles, evaluate their options, and proactively work towards their career ambitions.

Mentoring works best when mentees take the leading role, collaborating with mentors to create a partnership that centres on their development. For this reason, we offer training to all participants, so that expectations of what mentoring offers and how it works can be co-created from the outset.

Anticipated benefits to mentors include:

  • Leadership development: self-awareness, active listening, motivating others, building commitment to action
  • Increased professional networks via mentees and mentors in our Network
  • The opportunity to also learn in a reciprocal way, from the knowledge, skills and experiences of Fellows
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Join our Leadership Mentoring Programme

We welcome mentors from a wide range of backgrounds from both within and outside academia.

To join the Programme, just book a space on one of our Welcome Workshops (you will need to register for our website to access the event and sign up).

If you have any questions about joining the Programme, you can email us at

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How does it work?

Following a short Welcome Workshop, mentors and mentees will be matched together. Once pairs are matched, mentoring proceeds as a series of confidential conversations.

The total time commitment for the six-month programme is six hours. This includes the Welcome Workshop (90 mins), the mentoring meetings (three hours on a one-to-one basis), and all associated paperwork.

Read our Mentoring FAQs or ask a question by emailing

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