360 Feedback and Coaching

The Network’s next 360 Feedback and Coaching Programme will begin in Spring 2022.


We all need feedback. It helps us to clarify our strengths, understand the impact we’re having on those around us, and identify areas we may want to develop further. But getting useful, balanced feedback isn’t always easy. That’s where 360 feedback comes in: it is a structured process which enables us to compare our self-perception with the observations of our colleagues by using a common rating system – typically, how frequently we exhibit certain behaviours.

Of course, we all modify our behaviour to some degree depending on the circumstances and the audience. For that reason, 360 feedback is sought from a broad range of professional colleagues and collaborators, e.g. our team and students, co-workers at a similar level, managers and senior colleagues, peers and collaborators at other organisations, and so on. It is this sense of taking a comprehensive view – looking 360 degrees around – which explains the name. And it is why 360 feedback is different from traditional appraisal, which tends to prioritise just the line manager’s assessment.



360 feedback is very commonly used in leadership development. As we transition from being managed to being the manager, and as we assume positions of leadership, it is important to be aware of how others perceive us. It can help us to reflect on some crucial questions. What do we do which others find useful? What could we do more of? What do we do which others aren’t noticing? Are our behaviours having any unintended impacts on our colleagues?

We don’t always have to accept others’ perceptions as if they were straightforward ‘truth’ – lots of factors can influence why two people might perceive the same situation differently – but it is true that the knowledge gained from 360 feedback gives us choices.



We have designed and tested a bespoke 360 Feedback and Coaching Programme based on our Future Leaders Fellows Leadership Model. The leadership attributes and behaviours which will be assessed are those that we believe Fellows will be demonstrating, or will aspire to demonstrate, during their fellowship.

View the Future Leaders Fellows Leadership Model

You will benefit from:

  • a professional and robust process whereby you receive valuable perspectives and feedback on your leadership in a research context
  • an opportunity to learn about unknown strengths to harness, or blind spots that may be holding you back
  • a professional report containing detailed analysis of your feedback
  • a free, confidential 90 min coaching session with a professional coach experienced at working with researchers.

We believe the experience will be extremely useful for you to prioritise your development needs for the remainder of your Future Leaders Fellows research programme. At the same time, the Project Board will be able to look at aggregated anonymised data in order to see where, as a group, you have development needs. This means that we can continue to tailor our training and events to your needs.

You will also have the opportunity to repeat the 360 feedback process in two years’ time, so that you can see where and how you have developed, and what your next development needs are.



  1. Identify at least nine colleagues (junior, senior, peers) whom you can ask to give you feedback. These will be known as your ‘raters’.
  2. Request permission from potential raters. To save you time, we will provide you with a template email for this.
  3. Upload names and contact details of your raters into the 360 feedback system (20 mins).
  4. Complete a survey where you rate yourself (20 mins).
  5. Check on completion rates occasionally and encourage your raters to complete their survey before the deadline.
  6. Read your report and engage in a 90 min one-to-one coaching session at a time of your choosing, so that you can discuss your feedback and the implications for your development.



System live – dates for Spring 2022 tbc

  • You will receive an email invitation from “Bureau Administration” at Talent Innovations. Please check your junk folder if you do not receive this.
  • We recommend that you informally request permission from your raters to seek their feedback, so that they know to expect that automated email.
  • Upload details of your raters to the 360 feedback system.
  • Once you have set up a minimum of nine raters, they will automatically be contacted and asked to complete the survey.
  • Complete your own survey.
  • Sign up for your coaching session.


Deadline – dates for Spring 2022 tbc

  • The 360 feedback system will close at 9am on this date.


One-to-one coaching – dates for Spring 2022 tbc

  • If you haven’t already, sign up for your 90 min coaching session.
  • Your allocated coach will send your report to you to review before the session.
  • Meet with your coach to discuss your 360 feedback report.