The FLF+ Mentoring scheme is based on the principal that mentoring is mentee-driven, matched to mentee goals, interests, values and aspirations.

Our goal is to enable FLF+ to extend their professional networks, meeting people who could have significant impact on the thinking and development of the future research leaders of the 21st century.

The FLF+ are a varied community of researchers and innovators, working across academia, business and industry, and likely to develop unique career trajectories influenced by the people and communities they meet through the network. Therefore, varied and committed Mentors offer professional and personal experience from a diversity of backgrounds.

Driven by the needs and requirements highlighted by the FLF+ researchers and innovators, the mentoring scheme reflects this in being values led in matching mentees and mentors for six to twelve months at a time, providing expert mentor -mentee orientation sessions to begin the relationships.

Get in touch: Mentoring@flfdevnet.com