Through the Welcome Workshops (facilitated by Dr Kay Guccione) we enable both mentors and mentees to understand what mentoring is, and how to make the most of a mentoring partnership. Having knowledge of what mentoring offers will help you to articulate the kind of support you are looking for.

Ensure mutual agreement and expectations

Following a short Welcome Workshop, mentors and mentees will be matched together. Once pairs are matched, mentoring proceeds as a series of confidential conversations.

Set expectations of both the mentee

and the mentor by completing the

mentoring agreement together:



Read our Mentoring FAQs here or ask a question by emailing mentoring@flfdevnet.com


Mentoring works best when mentees take the leading role, collaborating with mentors to create a partnership that centres on their development. For this reason, we offer training to all participants, so that expectations of what mentoring offers and how it works can be co-created from the outset.

Not every conversation is easy - use the mentoring difficult conversation planner to support discussions.


For the International mentors and those who could not attend the mentoring workshop, here is an abridged recorded version to watch prior to completing the mentor matching form.



We understand that mentoring can be a significant time commitment (we recommend six hours over six months, including all training and paperwork) when you already have a busy schedule. As such, we are offering an honorarium of £100 per mentoring session to enable mentors to take part in the scheme. If you wish to claim the honorarium, please email mentoring@flfdevnet.com

 The process for claiming the honorarium is as follows: 

  • After your first meeting with your mentee, please email mentoring@flfdevnet.com to confirm the number of meetings agreed during the six-month period, including your first meeting. We recommend a minimum of three, up to 90 minutes per session.

  • You will be sent a contract detailing the meetings agreed with your mentee(s) to be completed with your preferred payment details. This will be signed electronically, and will be the basis on which you submit your invoice for payment.

  • You can invoice monthly or every few months if this suits you better. We have attached a claim form for the honorarium payment. Please submit the expenses between the 1 – 4th of each month to ensure prompt payment.  Submit via email to mentoring@flfdevnet.com and Monica.Dearden@ei.ed.ac.uk

  • We may check in during this time with you and your mentee to assure that the mentoring meetings are proceeding as planned (if we don’t hear from you otherwise) .