Enabling Future Research Leaders 

The Future Leaders Fellows Development Network has been developing and delivering leadership development for researchers and innovators within the culture change landscape across the four nations of the UK since 2020. ​ 

By sharing our expertise, experience and resources, we aim to empower future research leaders, their teams, and research support professionals to enhance research leadership development in their organisations. 

The Network will be:

  • inviting involvement in our assessment of needs, working with HE and industry on research leadership development
  • offering programme development support
  • designing opportunities for collaboration to enhance future researcher development
  • making available a range of our resources to support change in the sector

What we offer

Organisations working with future research leaders can draw on a range of support from the Network. Contact us to discuss how we can support you in supporting your research leaders.

Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), facilitating leadership retreats, running interdisciplinary mentoring schemes.​ 

Providing programme development support – links to specialists to provide support and delivery. Bespoke training developed for the Network: 

  • 360 questionnaire  
  • Managing a coaching programme 

More details coming soon…

Networking opportunities for hosts and potential hosts to share best practice​. Pathway for hosts to showcase their best practice, developing and delivering with the Network. 

More details coming soon…

A range of resources to support you have been made available by the Network, many under a Creative Commons licence to allow ease of reuse. See below for details of current and under-development resources along with Fellow-led projects.

Get involved

We welcome host and industry engagement, and are currently working with institutes and companies to understand the need for researcher leadership development and to refine what is required.

Help us support cultural change by providing insights into what you need. For example, challenges and barriers when working with this career stage of researcher​, regional offers, networks.

Share your views in our survey or email us at hello@flfdvenet.com.

Our aims and objectives


We intend to:

  • support prospective Future Leaders Fellows/UKRI Fellow and Innovator institutes and companies to position themselves to become ‘Research Leader Ready’​
  • provide experiential and data-driven evidence to engage, support and progress institutes and companies who do not have the infrastructure or resources to deliver a comprehensive Fellow/Innovator support programme
  • share the Network’s broad range of resources to help hosts develop their support for fellows and others – moving resources into the public space
  • drive cultural change by disseminating best practice in researcher development, continually learning, analysing and improving the offer
  • work with researcher developers to understand the needs of stakeholders and develop bespoke support offers – for example, Why do post-1992 HEI have less fellows? What do industry hosts require to support the growth in industry fellows and innovators?
  • provide networking opportunities for sharing best practice on culture change, key agendas, such as the Place agenda, and researcher development.

Resources from the Network


A suite of resources to support researcher and innovators across a diverse range of topics, made available under a Creative Commons licence to use within your own organisation.

Run your own 360

Resources to support you in setting up and administering your own version of our bespoke research leadership 360 Feedback programme.

Research Insights

A series of six films connecting researchers with the different ways that their research can influence policy, the arts, business and industry.

Resources from Fellows

Resources created by Future Leaders Fellows with the support of the Network.

Next Generation Research

A podcast spotlighting six of the UK’s best researchers. Professor Giles Yeo introduces you to Future Leaders Fellows and their ground breaking research that is shaping how we’ll live tomorrow.

Researcher Wellbeing

A new Researcher Wellbeing Toolkit (RES-WELL) designed to help research institutions bring about cultural change in the way they support researchers, including those working on emotionally challenging topics.

Collaboration examples

A collection of articles which explore support the Network has provided and our collaboration with other institutes and companies.

Network publications

Contact us

If you’d like to talk with us about how we might support you in your  research leadership development fill in the form below or email hello@flfdevnet.com.

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