Posted on: 10/04/2024

Real Research, Real Lives; A podcast series on the work of Future Leader Fellows


Oliver Mytton is a round 5 Future Leaders Fellow based at University College London. Oliver is a public health physician and academic and leads the FLF project Generating Evidence to Inform Policies to Prevent Child Obesity.

In June 2022, Oliver Mytton attended the Future Leaders Fellows Development Network Crucible event in London. It was during the Crucible event that Oliver met Laura Carter, Future Leaders Fellow based at the University of Leeds, and the idea for the Next Generation Podcast Series emerged.

The Crucible in London was the first Development Network event that Oliver attended.

Oliver says, “I was initially sceptical about the Crucible Programme. I thought that it would be a challenge to make connections in two days. Maybe it was all down to chance and luck, but I found points of connection (with other FLFs) around the podcast idea. Long-term support for the idea followed and so engaging in a Crucible early was very worthwhile.”

Next Generation Podcast Series

Oliver and Laura applied for a Crucible Programme grant in September 2022 to scope and develop a proposal for a pilot series of six podcast episodes that would showcase the work of UKRI Future Leaders Fellows and explore some of the shared issues that Fellow’s experience. Producer Hester Cant was commissioned to scope and develop the pilot proposal.

Following the scoping and development phase, Oliver, Laura, and Hestor submitted a Plus Fund grant to produce the series. The Plus Fund grant was awarded, and six podcast episodes were produced on the interdisciplinary topics such as how human medicines get into our food, how our society depends on industrial chemistry, and what societies can learn from Indigenous communities about how to prevent domestic violence.

Project Legacy

The podcast episodes were released weekly under a creative common license and hosted on the UKRI FLF Development Network website. So far, there have been downloads from thirty-eight countries across five continents.

For Oliver, the Plus Fund project provided an opportunity to  learn about making a podcast, and using different media to engage with the public, as well as further developing his project management and leadership skills.. Oliver says, “working with Hester, someone with a lot of podcast and media experience was hugely helpful, learning about different approaches to research translation and how this relates to my own research and engaging with the public.”

Since developing the pilot, the team now believe a much larger audience could be reached with a dedicated and better resourced dissemination strategy. The Development Network are exploring opportunities to support other Future Leaders Fellows to continue the podcast and take it in a new and interesting direction, building on the work of Oliver and the project team.


The Next Generation podcast series is available to listen to and download via Acast. Click on the following link to access the podcast series: Next Generation Research – Future Leaders Fellows Development Network (

More information about the Plus Fund

If you have an idea for a Plus Fund project, contact the Development Network at to discuss your idea further with one of our Network Managers.

Click on the following link for the Plus Fund Governance and application form: Plus Funds – Future Leaders Fellows Development Network (

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