Posted on: 26/05/2023

Routes to Commercialisation

By Sharon M Young, FLFDN Innovation Manager

Are you interested in understanding more about commercialising research and connecting with like-minded colleagues?


We have partnered with the team behind the highly successful ICURe programme, Innovation-to-Commercialisation of University Research, to offer a tailored approach to learning about the various routes to translation and commercialisation.

Delivered in partnership with The Helix Way, we are launching a new and exciting series of online events to support pathways to Translation and Commercialisation.

 (ICURe) describe themselves as “the UK’s leading early-stage research accelerator programme,” and guides researchers through the process of refining and validating the commercial potential for some of the world’s leading-edge science, technology and knowledge assets. More information about ICURe programmes, case studies and cohorts can be found by clicking here onto the ICURe website.

With the FLFDN’s dynamic programme of events driven by the needs of Future Leaders Fellows, we’ve taken time to listen and understand your different perspectives. We’ve sought views from across the Network, including at the recent the two-day Fellow-led Translation & Commercialisation  (click to revisit the blog) in Birmingham. We heard first-hand the common and individual challenges Fellows tackle in relation to translation and commercialisation. This workshop gave useful insights into the types of knowledge gaps that Fellows had experienced and highlighted that they had all received very different levels of support at their various institutions.

This work has led us to develop a bespoke, hop-on-hop-off approach so that Fellows can pick and choose which workshops are of most relevance depending on their own unique stage in the journey.

We designed the Routes to Commercialisation series to reflect the fact that everyone has a unique starting point on any journey to Translation and or Commercialisation and that every small step on this journey can add value irrespective of how insignificant it might seem at the time. And importantly, that value creation is not simply about creating a “spin-out” or making money.

The sessions have been co-designed with the ICURe delivery team and will be delivered in partnership with The Helix way, click here to visit their website.

Although each workshop is a standalone event, we encourage you to view them as a series and to sign up for as many as are relevant to your specific needs. The first five are now live and available for registration below.


Routes to Commercialisation : The importance of Ideation 21 June 2023

Routes to Commercialisation: Verbal business card 27 July 2023

Routes to Commercialisation: Value Proposition Design 28 September 2023

Routes to Commercialisation: Business Model Canvas introduced 18 October 2023

Routes to Commercialisation: Assumptions creation and testing 22 November 2023

Routes to Commercialisation: Managing conversations in the commercial world January 2024

Routes to Commercialisation: The importance and nature of Investors February 2024

Routes to Commercialisation: The Cap Table March 2024


If you want to know about the programme of events or understand if this is right for you please click to get in touch with Sharon.


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